Guano Apes, Uncle Ho ,@ Erlangen, Germany 3-4-01


I met my friend Julia, who i knew via our love of Skunk Anansie, at this show. She brought her friend Laura along also. It was her birthday soon i recall. Well, with Henning being so cool, i was able to give the girls guest passes 🙂 During this show the band jammed ” Candy Love”. It was a bit of fun for sure. Unfortunately, Dennis had an accident when a drum stick broke & went in his eye. By strange coincedence, Julias dad is a doctor, so he checked him out ! Julia has some fantastic photos from backstage, but, it’s not really fair to upload some of them lol (The band were already tired & there’s one of Henning where he looks like a zombie -sorry mate- & one of Stude messing around with yogurt lol

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