Garbage , Superbus, @ Huxleys, Neue Welt, Berlin , Germany 27-11-12

00737 2012.11.27 Garbage Huxleys Alternative view : P1020769

Venue was changed to Huxleys. This worked out perfect for our hotel 😉 We all make mistakes ! After this show, i’m not allowed to book the hotels anymore! Hey, i’d not been there before, so you don’t know how a place is until you visit right? Well, the guys got into Berlin before i did & they were not impressed with the hotel. Comments like “the bed sheets were crispy!”, “The room smelled bad” etc sealed the deal! Luckily, I was still on my train when they phoned & told me they’d changed hotel. In fact, not only was it a better hotel, but, it was very close to the venue, so win win 🙂 There was also a great little bar nearby, so it was perfect. What could possibly go wrong ? 😉

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