Garbage , Jezabels ,@ Manchester Academy 3-7-12



This one got very messy…once in Manc land we had quick pint at the station. Checked into hotel & then off to the venue. The Crobar was en route & they were doing 2 for 1 cocktails. It soon all went downhill.P1010314 P1010321

We were basically in there all afternoon/early evening. There were a couple of us who had to collect tickets from the box office. I naturally assumed we’d collect, then go through the door that side. Oh no, they wanted us to go to the back of the main queue ! Well fuck that for a game of soldiers. I went & talked with security & eventually the head guy came over. I told him i wasn’t impressed ! Said we’d been here all day (bending the truth a little lol) & shouldn’t have to go to the back. He said “OK when doors open, just jump in here” I then told him there were about 6 of us… ” Not a problem..” . Looking back, it wasn’t the nicest of things to do, but hey, if you can wing it why not ? I’m amazed they didn’t realise how drunk i was tbh 😉 It all worked out. Got down the front. During the gig i went out to get 4 pints ( I NEVER leave front row) for the lads. Shows how confident/drunk i was. Of course, when i got back, after navigating the crowd & losing some of the beer along the way, i got the imortal line off Rob ” Can i have a full pint next time ?!!”

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