Biters , the basement, Rock City, Nottingham 26-9-15


Tonights plan was to visit Cat at her new home in Grantham & then carry on to Nottingham for some rock n roll ! Everything worked a treat 😉 I saw online that tickets for Biters were £3.75. Very reasonable. However, the show was also part of the “Hey Hey Hey ” club night. Fortunately Cat saw this & by us adding our names to the online guest list, we got in for £1 ! Superb bargain. Upon arrival in Nottingham, we went to our usual, “The Roebuck” for beer n burger….why change a good thing ? Then it was on to The Pit & Pendulum pub for more drinks. Finally we get to Rock City & pay that high price of £1 entry 🙂 The support band had just come on. They were very energetic, especially when the guitarist fell flat on his back…maybe intentional? It wasn’t very busy to start off with. There was a guy down the front who (i’d hope) was, having a bad trip, judging by his “moves” lol.  I bumped into Chris, who used to be in “New Generation Superstars”, so that was a nice little catch up after all those years.

Biters came on all guns blazing. They’re a typical ’70s/’80s sounding band ( No Cat, they’re not THAT old lol). Good fun rock n roll. Main man “Tuk” is nicely in your face & has good banter. Loved it when he called out the people at the back/sides & the guy too interested in his mobile phone 😉 He also thanked the young ladies that were dancing all through their set & knew the words to the songs. It was just straight ahead rock n roll. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was fun with a capital F 🙂 As Chris said, this was a proper band & “They have a gang mentality”. They played a decent selection from the debut album “Electric Blood” plus a couple of oldies. Unfortunately, we didn’t get an encore as the sound was cut when their official time was up 🙁

We then checked out the various rooms playing some great sounds & ended up in the main room people watching etc. Cat : ” How come i’ve not been to this before? It’s a great club night ! “. Well, as i said, the plan was to have done this after Amaranthe gig, but we didn’t quite manage it. For sure we will do one of these nights properly in future though 😉

P.S. I truly hope that the *tall* photographer who was down there *the WHOLE bloody show* managed to get a decent shot…

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