Berlin, Town & Country Club,London, 9-3-87

This was fantastic. I went there without a ticket & bought one off a tout for less than face value. The place wasn’t very busy. But what a show. I loved it. There’s a LOT more to Berlin than “Take My Breath Away”. Stand out moment was when Terri walked into the crowd, up the stairs, across the balcony, back down opposite side stairs & back up on stage whilst singing…cannot remember which song.(EDIT : 2 people have said it was “Pink & Velvet” that she sung) Really hope one day i get the chance to see Berlin or Terri again.

UPDATE 2019 : OMFG they’re coming back to the UK ! Never thought this would happen in my lifetime. Smaller venues than I thought they’d be, but more intimate.

UPDATE 2020 : So my luck folded 🙁 Originally the tour was semi-cancelled with a few dates remaining. Then ALL the dates were cancelled. Such a shame. Had been looking forward to a Berlin tour since 1987. I very much doubt that I’ll see them in my lifetime now…

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