Wolf Alice, rock city, Nottingham 23-3-16


I was really looking forward to seeing WA at my fave venue, Rock City. I had high expectations. Traffic was really busy tonight so i didn’t park at the park n ride, trying to save a few extra minutes.I arrived about 5pm & there were about 15 kids in front of me. Pretty obvious where they’d be heading for.Whilst waiting, a camera crew set up across the road & filmed us all. Once inside,as expected, everyone dashed to the barrier & yours truly went to the balcony. First person up there so got my usual perfect spot. The kids loved “Bloody Knees”. They got a circle pit going 2nd song in. Once again, they did their job of warming up everyone.DSC06349

When i saw “Swim Deep” in Leeds, i was quite impressed with their “quirkiness”, so was looking forward to rock city. They got a fantastic reaction, almost like a “heroes return”. There was one song, where a very large percentage of the audience seemed to be singing along. I think the great thing about this band is you just cannot pigeon hole them. They have so much stuff mixed in their sound.

WA hit the stage the same way as they seem to be doing everywhere on this tour : intro/Loves whore/ germ. It’s a full on great opening. The crowd just loves them & i’m pretty sure WA love the crowd 🙂

DSC06357 DSC06372

My concerns, erm no, my questions i had about the performance in Leeds (with relation to band/crowd interaction) were answered : Yes, they are more about just getting on with the show! However, if anything, i’d say there was more interaction at RC. “Bros” is a killer song as always. Hell, the whole night is great. Just a shame it’s all over so quickly. Something like 17 songs in just over an hour!

DSC063702016.3.23 Wolf alice rock city10649886_964131253636187_5255279589696827510_n

Funny moment was during “Turn To Dust” when Ellie messed up. But she took it with a smile. Everyones only human. Oh, i never did find out what the filming of the gig was for. I saw 3 pro cameras in the gig, so it must be something worthwhile…but what ??

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