Virginmarys , Tax The Heat , Crowbot, @ Manchester Ritz 27-9-14


This was one of those shows where i only made one small video clip ; i was just so into this show. It was fantastic. Funny thing was, as i don’t like the drive to Manchester, it was a last minute thing i decided to go. It was so worth it. Of course, i was the first person there. Whilst waiting i saw & had a nice chat with Danny D., said hello to Ally when he was off to meet some mates. I stood chatting to Jake of Crobot, for a good 10mins, without knowing who he was. I let Tina jump the queue & join me as she’d had a problem with bringing the wrong ticket to the show ! I met a whole bunch of VMs fans tonight, so, that was also very cool. It was just a killer gig & a shame they did not film it as it was so special. So, the effort with travel etc was more than worth it for me. Roll on the next VMs tour…


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