The Wonder Stuff, @ Rock City,Nottingham 25-10-88


Erm,i was a bit drunk at this one because we didn’t manage to see the gig around the corner at The royal centre!! What? You’re saying?? Around this era, Rock city gigs ran real late,often the headline act wouldnt be onstage till 11.30pm. If there was a gig at the Royal centre, opposite,it was possible to see 2 gigs in one night! We were due to see JULIAN COPE at the centre. He cancelled, so we HAD TO got to the pub for next few hours..he he hick (We never did manage to do the two gigs in one night. The closest we got was this one or when we saw Siouxie & royal centre, The Cult were playing Rock city. Unfortunately, there was only one ticket left for Cult, so we left.>

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