The Primitives, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, @ Rock City,Nottingham, 3-5-88


At the time, The Primitives had a big hit called “Crash”. I think their set was rather short as they’d only released one album. I knew of “Goodbye Mr Mackenzie” due to a single ” The Rattler”. I nicknamed a mate i worked with, called Simon, “The Rattling Boy”, which was part of the lyrics to the song. Unknown to me at the time, i was quite lucky to have seen “Goodbye Mr Mackenzie”, as Shirley Manson would eventually become part of “Garbage”. She also played in “Angelfish”. Somewhere along the line, i got a bunch of American radio promos. One was from ” Radioactive records” of various bands. I quite liked the Angelfish song on there & eventually bought their album from a shop in Nottingham, called “Way Ahead” for £15.95″ (at the time, that was quite expensive)

UPDATE : The Radioactive Records” sampler CD, i gave to my mate Rob 🙂

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