No Sweat, @ The Cresset,Peterborough,17-2-91


Got caught filming. One of the band saw me & told tour manager. He came out & took back stage. I kinda bluffed it saying i was a big fan (well, i was lol) & said i wanted to see them again & film with permission! He said i could do it at Norwich. But as “security”, he took my leather jacket to keep till then. Well, sometimes “honesty is NOT the best policy” as whilst i DID film Norwich, ive never seen a copy of the film.

Little Angels, No Sweat , @ The Cresset,Peterborough, 27-5-90


The “Little Angels Curse”, strikes again ! ( I’ve been to 2 different gigs that were cancelled by L A. Also ordered a CD of LA from a company..they went into recievership) . This time,only saw support act No sweat,as my girlfriend passed out during their set. I must admit,the venue didnt have adequate ventilation. We went home as she had been “not very well” recently….