Guano Apes, Hristo Botev Hall, Sofia,Bulgaria 9-4-11


We all went partying, in a couple of places. So much fun.

What is it about Guano Apes and Sofia? They always put on a great show. This one was good, but, nothing will top the show they played in 2009. That was magical.

This place was bigger & whilst everything didn’t quite run so smoothly, as Angela pointed out, i ended up with all the passes available for the day πŸ˜› Also, this time i was staying over in Sofia for longer than first time,so, really got to meet some great new people to party with etc….& of course again met peeps from the first visit like Nat πŸ™‚

P1010195P1010196P1010198P1010225P1010245P1010256P1010258P10102710004Β Nats photo “The Blue Eyes Club” πŸ˜‰0002