Siouxie & The Banshees, Fur Bible, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham 5-11-85


This was a pretty great gig. Think it might have been a last minute decision to go as we had balcony seats. Lots of classic songs that night. Unfortunately, Siouxie had somehow damaged her leg so she ended up sat on a chair centre stage. Good on her for carrying on. Don’t think i’d had my Sony Pro for very long so my mate Andy ran my old deck whilst i used the Pro. Good thing he did it as my recording ran out of tape….but my mate caught it 🙂 Oh a random moment, we also saw an old school friend near us upstairs 🙂

“Bring me the head of a bouncer man!”.Security were a bunch of jumped up idiots on power trip. Wouldn’t let people dance even. Siouxie wasn’t impressed.Bass player Severin even jumped into crowd to sort out security. Hear the bass crash to the floor & the cheers from the crowd !One of best gigs at the “Royal shit hole”