Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Extreme, ? @ Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield 28-6-95

00339 Bon Jovi 95 

Does that VIP Laminate look a bit dodgy to you? Well, it IS ! A mate from Netherlands was following the tour & always got guest laminates. When he was at the Wembley show, he posted his pass to me as he hoped I’d try sneakily film the show. Well, I took the gf with me & I’d made another copy of the pass…colour photo copy & laminating at local print shop! So easy. They worked a treat. But I didn’t film the show as lost the guts to do it…

Kiss, Bon Jovi, @ De Montfort Hall,Leicester 10-10-84


One of the fondest memories i have of my dad was seeing him up there watching the show….even though he didn’t have a ticket ! My dad had “the gift of the gab” & would soon befriend people. ( Years later, i’ve realised that i’m very similar to me dad. When i go to gigs, i’ll always end up talking to someone who i don’t know….& sometimes, they end up being friends for life 😉 ) Over the course of taking us to shows at De Montfort, he got to know the door security. Well, for this show they let him in ! (Actually, he might have got in for others,but, i always remember him saying he enjoyed this show)