Garbage,Ben Harper, Iggy Pop, @ Paleo Festival, Nyon,Switzerland 21-7-99


Somehow Daniel had put us on the guest list for this one (well, actually Claire+3). I cannot really remember what other bands we saw,though i’m pretty sure we saw Fun Lovin Criminals & Ben Harper (as i remember a boring dude with a guitar haha). I noticed on wikipedia it also lists Iggy Pop & Gotthard. But did we see those ?? Claire, Mel? Rob? Oh yeah, we got on the 2nd row & it was super packed/tight. I got talking with a couple of Italian girls on front row & i just knew they wouldn’t last the show. Sure enough they didn’t as bailed a few songs in. A result of this crush etc was that both myself & Rob almost lost our sticky passes. I think mine ended up stuck on my trousers. Hmm, maybe Rob lost his? Memories sometimes lol

EDIT : 7-1-2018 whilst having a clear out of stuff, i found thisĀ