Skunk Anansie , O2 Forum, London , 5-2-16



The O2 Academy priority can be useful,but, they need to make everyone aware of it, or rather in this case which door its at! I’ve used it here a few times & we always queued at the side & then the queue gets split at the front. So you can imagine my annoyance after queuing for hours to find out they’d change the door they’re using now which is usually for guest passes etc. But luck was on my side as we still managed front row 😉 Already the best thing about tonight is i’ll get to meet some of my friends from  the old Skunk Board days. In the queue i met Audrey, Faizal, & Alex. DSC00221


Tonight we also get the support act ” Bones”. I really enjoyed their set & had to video a song :

Skunks set was the same as in Manchester. Everything seemed to flow a LOT better tonight. The crowd was pretty damn loud.

After the gig we went to a local bar & got nice group photo DSC06009


Following that we went to somewhere else with the Dutch guys drinking late. Tonight was the first time i’ve known Rob to be “lost” in London. Google Maps is your friend though 😉