The Prodigy, Public Enemy, Sheffield arena, 28-11-15


My old mate Nick went with me to this one. Was good seeing him to catch up etc. We got down the front-ish, about 4th row, watched all of Public Enemy from there. Was quite entertaining…loved Flavour Flavs moving around the stage on his skates or whatever. I did crack up at the guy on the left who just basically waved his handkerchief around & as for the guys in the cammo gear, doing their dances, can i say “boy band” ? No seriously, sillyness aside, they were entertaining . It did seem strange to me hearing “Bring The Noise” without Anthrax though 😉


We stayed in the pit for The Prodigy….well, for the first few songs. I woulda stayed there the whole night, but, i just couldn’t take any photos/video down there : it was mental ! (But brilliant). So we dropped back to the side & i filmed a couple of tracks. I certainly need a new camera as it’s just not focusing how it used to…more expense! It was a great party atmosphere in there all night. My third time seeing The Prodigy & they’re always great fun.