Skunk Anansie, The Virginmarys, @ UEA, Norwich 25-11-10



Got there early & damn was it cold outside ! Whilst being the “one man queue”, skin was walking by inside & she saw me. Next thing i know, she’s gesturing to security to let me in. Good on ya gal 🙂 Had a little chat with her & Stumpy, then watched the soundcheck. Oh yeah, Stumpy took me backstage to get a pass so that security didn’t kick me out. Whilst getting it, i noticed the tour itinerary books (Items that only band members/crew have that give all info of the tour venues etc)….& he noticed i was looking “…& no, before you ask, you cannot have one ! 🙂 ” He knows me so well. (I’ve already tracked down a few from the ’97 tours etc. They cost a bit, but, are very rare & interesting items to have)

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