Skunk Anansie, The Virginmarys, @ Porto Coliseum, Porto, Portugal 7-2-11

00676skunk porto theos


(Theos photo from outside the venue.) This was the first time i met Anastasia & Catarina & Carla (though i don’t think i spoke w/Carla?). A few of us went for drinks nearby. I’m unsure if i planned to film this or not. I seem to recall leaving the video camera in Catarinas car boot….& then later on going & getting it. Well, i did film it from the side. Oh yeah, sat nearby, i noticed a guy also filming, seems security wasn’t too hot that night lol. Afterwards, Catarina drove back to Lisbon & i traveled with her. It’s about a 3 hour drive. I dunno how she coped with driving 3 hours there, in amongst the mosh pit at gig, then drive 3 hours back! Respect to you girl. Once in Lisbon, she came with me to hotel to help get me checked in etc.

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