Skunk Anansie, @ LH2 studios, London,12-11-10

skin skinny fb

This was VERY special. Production rehearsals for the tour , in front of an invited audience ! Thanks to my lovely friend Julia, i managed to get to see this one. I got down there early & bumped into “Trapper”. He took me inside for a look around. Later, Julia phoned & we met at nearby tube stop. Once back at the venue, Cass popped by & said hello. In the “venue”, the stage was on the same level as us. Was pretty bizarre. If my memory serves me right, there was a tape/barrier to keep a gap between us & the band. It was an interesting experience (btw, no photos at request of the band). seeing how things progress etc. Yeah, a couple of flubs, but hey , that’s what this was about: rehearsing. Towards the end, skinny said we could all move forward & have a dance around etc. This was an amazing unique experience & i’m forever in debt to Julia /skin for the invite. When i saw Julia talking with skin about it on her FB, i couldn’t help but take a screen grab for the memory 😉

This was the first of TWO gigs in one day for me…

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