Skunk Anansie , Imma @ Water Rats, London 2-4-09


1929375_1037478551751_762648_n2009 2-4 skam (Petras) (Pietro & Petras photos thanks)

Oh my god! A day i’d longed for for years : The return of the mighty Skunk Anansie ! What better place to relaunch than at the venue they started at all those years back? A bunch of old friends met up before the show in a nearby boozer. We reminisced about the old days. I also made some new friends today from Italy etc 😉 Between myself & Julia, we helped a couple of peeps get into the gig.(Hello Laura 😉 ) Water Rats is super tiny, so the atmosphere was electric. I filmed the show as best i could from next to the P.A. (Note on the sound : someone got tinnitus at this show)


1929375_1037479751781_3662398_n Myself, Julia & Faiz. One of my all time favourite photos (Cheers Pietro)

This is footage that Mark uploaded :

Link to my FB page with screen captures from the film i made :

Imma clips added 2-4-17

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