Skunk Anansie , Beware Of Darkness, O2 Academy, Leeds, 20-3-13



Typically, i was the first person at the venue 😉 Had a chat with “Beastie” whilst waiting. For ages no one joined the queue, then, a right bundle of energy turned up : ” Is the gig still on? Where is everyone?” . I said ” i’d imagine most peeps are in the pub” lol. I told her i’d seen the tour already & we’re in for a good show. We had a good laugh whilst waiting for others to arrive. After i’d told her i’m staying in Leeds, she asked if i fancied going for a drink afterwards…of course ! 🙂 The gig was another good one. During the show, skin said something to me & Lorah seemed impressed 🙂 My stand out memories of AFTER the gig was the last bar we were in, pretty much at closing time, Lorah brought pints over…then went back to the bar & got a couple more! So we both had 2 pints on the go. Then, we couldn’t find my hotel….once there, we had a few more beers 😉 A bloody good day/night for sure !



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