Skunk Anansie , Beware Of Darkness, @ Manchester Academy , 22-3-13


Travelling to this one, there was quite a bit of snow around. I traveled on the train, so that was a great choice. Must confess, i didn’t fancy the idea of standing around outside in the cold, so i arranged to get in early on (Thanks Cass 😉 )

As i had a standard ticket & didn’t want to get kicked out, Stumpy gave me a pass. Oh i also had the offer of upgrading my accommodation from the Travelodge to the Malmaison hotel as someone wasn’t gonna use their room that night. As my Travelodge was much closer to the venue, i decided to stay there.

Once doors opened, the place soon filled up. Again, the opening act was “Beware Of Darkness”   Of course, everyone was waiting for Skunk though 🙂 Manc academy can get a bit rough down the front & tonight was no exception. As ever, the Skunks were great. Sometimes i just love my life 🙂        Skin showed off her levitating skills 😉


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