5 thoughts on “Saxon, Twisted Sister, Girlschool, Anvil, Spider, @ Queens Hall,Leeds 28-5-83”

  1. Remember this Gig had a great time venue was very big . Custom choppers were hanging from the ceiling. First proper Gig I went to.
    I was 18 at the time.

    1. Wow
      Was there and forgot about the choppers
      Remember someone flooding the venue from the fire hydrant and it running down the stairs to the bogs

  2. i was 13,i remember the bald bloke near the stage starting on someone then getting the shit kicked out of him,pity i missed half of saxon gig as needed to get the last train home.

    1. Ha ha remember that too. Great day! Had Marc Mendoza from Twisted Sister stood with me when Saxon came on. Battlefield were f*ckin appalling LOL

  3. Was just searching for this gig content and here it is!

    Yep, Queen’s Hall, terrible venue but where all the big bands played back in the day. It was a little surreal rocking up at 2 in the afternoon, 15 years old at the time but seen plenty of gigs there.
    A few things stick out. A remember the bikes suspended from the ceiling, oil dripping everywhere. There was deffo a couple of indoor stalls selling sausages or something as the smoke was ridiculous, probably illegal to do that today! It was also the first gig at QHwhere I got to the front (no easy task!), for Twisted Sister. Been wanting to see them for ages but as soon as they kicked it off I got squeezed up so bad I couldn’t breath so took a hasty exit 🙁
    Great set from Saxon but had to leave a little early for the last train to York. They were playing ‘And the Bands Played On’ as I walked back to the station from what I recall 😉
    Didn’t care for Anvil & Girlschool and Spider were just, well Spider! Quite a good concept but only chose QH for the size I guess.

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