( Ozzy Osbourne ), Jagged Edge, @ Rock City, Nottingham 18-7-88

OZZY didn’t do this show. The support band did their set,then there was a LONG wait before OZZY was due on. Eventually,it was announced over the pa that “Ozzy is in his hotel room & refuses to leave”.” The show is cancelled & refunds are available”. All hell broke lose. The stage equipment was trashed & police with dogs were called in!! Very crazy night….


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  1. I was present at what at the time was going to be the gig of my life. You have to remember too, back then the bar used to shut at 11. The support band played and the place was buzzing with expectancy despite one or two of the road crew winding the crowd up. There were no boys in blue and everything was just fine until they closed the bar and announced Ozzy wasn’t coming on. I don’t remember any explanation being given or refunds offered. I was stage centre near the front and I felt the mood change immediately. I went back to my friends and said let’s get out of here it’s gonna go off. We didn’t see it go off we just got out quick. I read about it a couple of days later. It tarnished my favourite venue because they took the money through the bar and by the sounds of it they knew all along. I remember them saying at the time Ozzy will never play this venue. He did and I was there too.

    1. @Roadie. I remember that night also. The place got trashed & police were soon on scene. We got out early as were sure something like that would happen. We watched people spilling out of RC, from the multi-storey car park. Some how I missed the new date 🙁

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