My Balloon, Guano Apes, Hyena , @ Waschaus, Potsdam,Berlin, 12-1-02

This was a very special show. It was a SECRET gig by Guano Apes to try out new songs etc. The played with My Balloon & a great little band called Hyena (really wish i’d got to see Hyena again) . I met up with Christiane, we went for a drink somewhere & then to the venue. It was cold, there was snow on the ground (It wasn’t the first time i was bothered if my flight would work out ok due to weather!) but it was fun. The guys drove there in Hennings car i think. Great seeing them all again. During the afternoon, Sandra confessed to me that she didn’t have proper lyrics for the songs yet 😉 I also met Marc for the first time at this show ( Me? Scary? . No way mate 😉 )The absolute highlight for me though was when we were sat backstage : Stude gave me a CD with demos for the next album (about a year before it’s release). I couldn’t believe it. I was so honoured that they all trusted me enough to let me hear this stuff. Unbelievable. When the after party finished, once again the guys showed what true gents they were : i shared Hennings hotel room & i think Stude joined Ingo so that Christiane had a room for herself. Next day i had a nice walk “through the ice & snow” which wasn’t much fun tbh. But hey, for such a great unique experience, it was all worth it 🙂

GAPotsdam3This is “Hyena” the first band. They were great. If by any chance the members of Hyena or their friends see this, if possible, i’d love to get some recordings…i’m sure there must have been something 🙂

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