2 thoughts on “Motorhead, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham 25-10-84”

  1. Can you believe we were sat 5 seats apart at a Motörhead gig in 1984 (Nottingham Royal Concert Hall)?! Well at least we would have been until Lemmy demanded, in typical Lemmy style, for fans to get closer to the stage (cue much scrambling over seats!)

    Just stumbled across your site. Love it!
    Please check out mine if you’ve not already done so (musicintheattic.co.uk)

    1. Yes, it’s a small world. With putting up the gigs I’ve been to, I often get replies that people have been to the same gig as myself. As regards Motorhead NRC, I was surprised when they announced it. I also saw the at Leicester De Montfort hall on the same tour (Audio recorded both Notts & Leics). As previously said, it’s a small world !

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