Monsters Of Rock, AC/DC, Van Halen, Gary Moore, Dio, Motley Crue, Accept, @ Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, Germany 1-9-84

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This was an (un) organised bus trip we went on. At the time,it was an uncommon thing for peeps to be travelling to other countries for gigs.There was only a couple of companies doing it. We had a hotel in Frankfurt the night before the gig. It was still a long drive to Karlsruhe though ! When we got to the stadium the next day,we weren’t early enough: still queued up outside whilst Accept were on.We saw every other band though. This was also the last but one gig that Dave lee roth played with Van Halen !! A good experience,but, the bus journey was a killer.

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  1. We were probably on the same bus, could have killed that bloody bus driver insisting on a break!! why they chose hotels so far from the site is beyond me…….I seem to remember someone opening the emergency exit and letting some girls on, only for the driver to throw them off haha!!!! great gig tho and my first foray abroad for an event (Argon events were great back in the day I used them many times after)

    I have a really good bootleg of the whole day if you’re interested…

    1. Hi Rob, cheers for the comment. Couldn’t agree more; the distance from hotel to Karlsruhe was ridiculous. Another memory i have of the journey was some drunkard on the bus,who i think had nickname of “Ozzy”. He was a laugh 🙂
      It was great to be venturing out of the UK for a gig at such a young age. Memories for ever.
      Re :The bootleg you have of the day is it the one i’ve just added scan of ?

  2. Well, I was present in Karlsruhe that Day. We came from the south of the netherlands and the bus travel was A killer. Eight hours hell on wheels to the stadium and more hell back. We missed Motley Crue. Accept was on when I came in. Further I saw every band play. I was on the pitch and the weather was warm. Ozzy Osbourne did a good gig. DIO was allright too, but it was not what I expected. I saw him and Jimmy Bain with Rainbow in The Heague. The concert was great that evening, I remember. Van Halen went on and David Lee Roth was real bad in his singing. A split was uphand, I coud trad in the papers a couple of days after the gig. Somewhere in that gig somebody threw a waterballoon on stage, and David got crazy. The concert was’nt really good. AC/DC closed the day. I did’nt watch the end of the concert. I went before the encore. The bus left 1 pm. When I arrived in Maastricht I was demolised. Never such a busdrive for Me again.


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