Marillion, Gary Moore, Jethro Tull, Magnum, Mamas Boys, @ Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, 28-6-86

00105 Marillion86

Man it was so bloody hot that day! Again, a festival with not a bad band on the bill. I seem to recall we bumped into some other people from Boston. In the above photo, left to right, myself in stupid hat, Chris Hardstaff, Andy Tyzack, Andy Gregor. There’s some great recordings out there from the gig. I think part was broadcast on The Friday Rock Show. But this is the best bootleg i’ve found over the years.

There’s also a couple of audience video recordings of the gig. Pretty rough quality, but still a good memory.

5 thoughts on “Marillion, Gary Moore, Jethro Tull, Magnum, Mamas Boys, @ Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, 28-6-86”

  1. It was indeed red hot, I got sunstroke & the car broke down on the way home, Gary Moore was ok, I’d seen Magnum before & they were great, Marrilion were excellent & Jethro Tull were superb, fantastic day in the sunshine & very memorable!

  2. Fantastic day in the sun and a great line-up. My overriding memories of the day are the crowd singing along to ‘Summer Holiday’ before Marillion hit the stage and the lighting rig folding down to shine out onto the crowd! Good times.

  3. One of the very few big named live performances I have ever attended and it was outstanding. Vivid memories of the St Johns Ambulance looking after people who had keeled over with sunstroke as it was an incredibly hot day. Marillion just blew me away, they were sensational – good firework display at the end.

  4. Great day …it was so hot our coach overheated just outside Liverpool and we had to hitchhike. I was only 16 and went there for Marillion, it was the first time I’d heard of Jethro Tull and they blew me away. Is it my memory or did Gary Moore threaten to walk off stage because of the amount of plastic bottles that were bouncing off him? The crown called his bluff and carried on throwing them anyway and he still finished his set. Lol …from where we were sitting the bottles were like a swarm of flies above the crowd.

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