Manic Street Preachers, @ Kettering Arena, 15-9-98


This was one of those jinxed gigs. Firstly, having been into the Manics since about ’92, it was amazing it took me so long to finally see them. But it’s easy for me to see why,when i look back at my personal life from that time : changes. So first part of the jinx was that my ticket never arrived, so i had to arrange for collecting on the door. But the worst thing was the travelling : I’d stayed in London as was doing a course for work. I wasn’t as wise as i am now about London car parks! The morning of the gig, i went back to my car & it had been broken into (yeah, i KNOW!!) Rear side window smashed in & my in car mini disc player was stolen. But i guess i might have had the last laugh as not many people had mini disc players back then. Imagine the smack head ” Hey these CDs are way smaller what do i do?”. Well, i wasn’t gonna pay london prices to get window fixed, so i still drove to Kettering. It was a noisy & cold journey! Tbh, i wasn’t really in the mood for the show,but, i had to do it. Gig was pretty cool though. I think my gig ticket turned up some months later. Appears there had been a local postie who wasn’t delivering the mail & was just collecting it! Dick head!

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