Guns N Roses,Faster Pussycat , Hunters Club, @ Rock City,Nottingham, 5-10-87

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One of those shows where you just had to be there. Pretty legendary night. Good quote of the night ” You’re packed in like sardines”. To this day, i still don’t know exactly what happenedĀ at the end of “Paradise City”, but whatever it was, it pissed off Axl : ” Fuck face ! Just for that you can suck on the encore ! “. Sure enough, they didn’t come back on for an encore. I think this might have been the shortest show they played on the UK tour šŸ™ Actually, when they’d finished, loads of people just stayed there. They played WASP Wild Child over the PA & people were still shouting for Guns. We expected to get em back, but didn’t ;-(

4 thoughts on “Guns N Roses,Faster Pussycat , Hunters Club, @ Rock City,Nottingham, 5-10-87”

    1. Sorry Dennis, i won’t sell it. Like all my tickets, it’s a momento of the time i was at various gigs. Maybe you could download my ticket scan & print it out as next best thing?

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