Guano Apes ,Underwater Circus, @ Muffathalle, Munich,Germany 8-5-03


After Sandras onstage meltdown a few days earlier in Oberhausen, there was a strange atmosphere in the GA camp…. Everyone seemed far apart.

Updated thought Feb 2017 :

The main (good) memory i have of this date was chatting with Olaf before the gig. I was interested to find out about I.E.M.s as i realised so many bands had been using them for years & surely, that source could make for an interesting live recording if you could tap into it? Well, it’s not so straight forward as firstly, you needed a licence to use them. Then the different musicians have their own personal mix. I never did try to follow through with the idea (because of costs mainly) but it’s obvious i’m not the first person to think of this as over the years a bunch of I.E.M. recording of different bands have turned up. There’s some pros out there now. A typical example would be Iron Maiden Tokyo 2016. They used multiple IEM feeds + an audience recording for ambiance & it’s one of the finest Maiden boots ever !

As to my memories of GA at this time? Cannot really say 😉

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