Guano Apes, @ N.M.H. , Sheffield University, 14-5-03


This was a really strange one. It was obvious things were just not right. Not the best of performances. Sheffield was originally booked at the Corporation & some how it was moved to the University. Cannot remember why that happened. Of course, no one had left any indication of the show changing venues at Corporation. I told Kirsten about it so at least the few folks who’d booked their tickets were not on a wild goose chase. The Sheffield gig was pretty strange. Not very busy & there was a tension within the band & crew. The following day the remaining UK dates were cancelled. Everyone was left in the dark as to if/when they’d be rescheduled (They never were rescheduled & it sucks that their last UK show was this poor tbh) . Fortunately, i hadn’t took my flight to Edinburgh…i was in departure lounge Nottingham when Henning phoned me to say the shows were off. I was so disappointed (Lol but nothing like the bigger tour that was gonna get cancelled in 2011 lol). Didn’t fancy going up to Edinburgh, i think i hadn’t even booked a hotel, so drove back home & watched the shit storm unfold. To think they were so close to playing Rock City….& it didn’t happen 🙁

If i ever get to see them again, i must remember to take Hennings video tapes that he filmed around Sheffield & Edinburgh ! (I just keep forgetting to take ’em. Sorry my friend)

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