Guano Apes , Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany 10-10-11

006952011 10-10-GUANO APES ,Leipzig 50th Guano gig

This was meant to be a special gig for me as it was the 50th time i’d seen Guano Apes. Quite an achievement considering how few times they’ve played in the UK 😉 It was a big deal for me as i wouldn’t go see many bands that amount of times unless they are special. I thought GA were. As it was, i didn’t even get to meet the guys. So no celebratory drink with them. Thankfully, some of the friends i was with realised it was special for me & we drank a bottle of Jagermeister before the show. Thank you…you know who you are 😉

That’s me up in balcony filming the show. (Thanks Jasi for the photo)

2011 10-10-GUANO APES auensee,Leipzig 50th Guano gig


Unfortunately the next run of GA dates i was gonna follow got cancelled & i lost £hundreds. Again, thankfully, my friends warned me they’d cancelled…literally about an hour before i was about to drive to Gatwick airport. Schedule should have been :

20-10-11 Drive to Gatwick

21-10-11 Gig in Munich

22-10-11 Overnight train to Rome

23-10-11 Gig in Rome

24-10-11 Fly Rome to Milan. Gig in Milan.

26-10-11 Fly Milan to Barcelona. Gig in Barcelona

27-10-11 Fly Barcelona to Madrid. Gig in Madrid.

28-10-11 Fly Madrid to lisbon.

29-10-11 Gig in Lisbon.

30-10-11 Lisbon to Porto. Gig in Porto.

31-10-11 Fly back to the UK.

I wasn’t the only one to lose money on this tour…..but i’m pretty sure it hurt me personally a lot more than others.

“Like the Murphys, i’m not bitter ” 😉

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