Girlschool, Jaguar, @ Haven Theatre,Boston 30-11-84



This was a big deal for me ; the first proper rock gig in my home town ! Unsure of how events unfolded,but, bumped into Kim & Gil walking around town. We also just walked in & watched the soundcheck (also ate fish n chips whilst doing so!). There’s been a phrase that has stuck with me ever since; “Where’s the nearest carry aarse ?”. This was Kim asking me “wheres the nearest curry house” was, but the London accent made me misinterpret 😉 Eventually we were kicked out of the venue by the promoter from Solid Entertainments. I had a chat with him & would remember his face/accent when i bumped into him in Wrexham in 2005 ! Great gig with a reasonable turn out. The following day i met the band at their hotel & they said promoter was impressed with everything & was looking to book more rock acts (If only they’d managed to secure Marillion, which was listed as forthcoming attraction in local paper, i think things would have really took off). I got a photo, gave them a bottle of wine for their long trip up to Glasgow. Oh yeah, also gave them some Boston mugs to remember the place.

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