Blondie, Hammersmith Odeon,London 20-1-80


So this is where it all started for me. My first ever gig & a band that i adored. I was also “lucky” from day one : Around the time, the weather was awful with snow & ice etc. Obviously, don’t wanna make a 2 hour plus journey in that. So my dad said if the weather’s ok, we’ll go, but if it’s bad, we wont. Well, the weather got bad, so we wern’t gonna go. He’d ordered tickets but then cancelled the cheque. A couple of days later, the tickets turned up…& the weather got reasonable enough. The gig was ON ! I was 13 & very excited about it all. Even the trip to London was a big thing, let alone seeing my fave band. I remember standing on my seat in the stalls (already a rebel) & enjoyed every minute of it. They played a few songs i didn’t know, which turned out to be covers of David Bowie (Heroes), The Kingsmen (Louie Louie), Donna Summer (I Feel Love). There was one thing that REALLY stood out for me at this show & it wasn’t the obvious Debbie Harry…it was Clem Burke, the drummer ! I was amazed & probably focused on him more than anything. He had so much energy & just held things together (That’s not saying the rest of the band were no good, it’s just me, even at my first gig, looking at things differently than the obvious). Well, it was a great start to my gigging life time 🙂

Many years later, i managed to find a bootleg from Hammersmith. It’s sourced from an American radio show. Dunno if it’s the show i saw, but, it’s great to be able to relive the gig 🙂




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