Amaranthe , Soen , Dynazty , The Garage, London 22-5-12

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I’d been wanting to see Amaranthe for a while & decided to go to London. Took day off work & went to venue early in the hope of meeting the band. Whilst waiting, i surfed the net a little & came across a competition to meet Amaranthe, so i entered it….& won ! It was for two places, so i went & asked the guy who’d been queuing ages if he fancied it. Of course he would 🙂  I did briefly meet Elize & Olof outside the venue (before the M&G). The organiser was saying they were waiting for another person** to arrive for the M&G….& it’s funny how there ended up being a connection with her later on 😉 The band signed posters etc & i’d also took my cd booklet from my Japanese edition. Somehow i temporarily “lost” said booklet until someone realised they had more than they should have lol. I showed the band a couple of bootlegs i’d got through from Japan, they were quite impressed  😉 I’d imagine they were the first bootleg cds released by them.  Eventually the band left & we were told to go back outside & join the queue. Exsqueeze me?!! Nah, i want my cake & to eat it. A quick chat with Dante & both myself & Carlos were able to stay in there till doors opened 🙂 The first band ” Dynazty” were ok….but have seen it all before ! (sorry). “Soen” were next up & i didn’t like them (at the time). They were such a mismatch for this gig, but of course they were also Spinefarm 😉 I was just wanting everyone to get off stage so we could see Amaranthe ! Once they were on stage, all was forgiven by me haha They played most of (if not all) the album. They all seemed to be having a decent time up there. I never have been much of a fan of this venue as the lighting points out from the back towards the crowd

** So the person who was late…you couldn’t make it up really…a few days after i’d got back home, was talking with an old school mate & he was saying how a work colleague went to this gig. We put 2 & 2 together lol. We then got in touch & over the last few years Cat has become a good friend & we’ve been to numerous gigs together. It’s a small world for sure…

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